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“I had the pleasure of working with Gary and Mike on the sale of my mother’s home. Sadly, it was seriously hoarded and I was unsure how to handle such an overwhelming and emotional situation. 

Both Gary and Mike spent great time listening to our goals and worked with us to find the best option for my mother –and with added flexibility. Their kindness, respect, fairness and sensitivity towards my family during a difficult time was unexpected and wonderfully reassuring. 

I would encourage anyone to consider Gary and Mike. Fair, knowledgeable and honest guys….a rarity in this day and age. (And I did interview other cash buyers, Gary and Mike stood out for the host of aforementioned reasons.)”

Heather | Charlotte, NC

 “Divorce is hard enough; splitting property makes it worse. Also, having to make some tough choices about what was worth investment and what should simply be let go ASAP was tough but we worked it out. I really wanted a fresh start and would need some money to do that. We agreed that selling fast was a priority. With Mikes Cash Offer, we were able to sell immediately. Once we covered the debts associated with the property, I had a little left to help me start over. I appreciate Mike working with us and through everything he was a saint. I am glad he offered something like this for people in my situation”

Ron | Clearwater, FL

 “I’ve been a landlord for over 25 years and I finally wanted to get out of the business. I had my properties listed for over 1 year and couldn’t sell it. Mike and Gary  came in and made an all cash offer, did what they said they would do and paid all the fees! I couldn’t be happier to get out from under these houses. If you are looking for a good hometown buyer us these guys you cant go wrong”

Samantha Carter

 “All I’ve wanted to do is sell this house for a very long time, but I just didn’t know what do or where to start with such a problematic tenant situation. Mike with Your Cash Home Buyer came in and took over the situation, dealt with the tenants and I never had to even go back to the house! I can’t thank Mike enough” 

Tyler | Charlotte , NC

” We inherited a property that needed a lot of work and could not sell it through our realtor.  Mike responded to our request within hours and quickly arranged a face to face meeting. I found Mike to be incredibly knowledgeable and his offer was acceptable for our house”

Ben & Meg | Bristol, TN

“My husband and I both lost our jobs and fell behind on our house payments.  We found Your cash Home Buyer add online and filled out the form.  Gary called us within the hour and scheduled an appointment to preview our home the next evening.  Gary found us a buyer for our home within 7 days.  Unbelievable!  Gary is a great guy and very easy to work with.  Thank you, Gary!”

Fran & Tom | Ft. Mill, SC

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